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EFIS INTEGRA TL-6524 with 7" screen

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EFIS Integra TL-6524 is a multifunctional flight monitoring system integrating all primary flight instruments (i.e. Artificial Horizon, Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator, Air Speed Indicator, Compass, Accelerometer, Chronometers, Turn & Bank Indicators, Angle Of Attack Indicators, IAT, OAT etc.). The EFIS Integra also combines navigation (HSI, CDI with connection to the popular Garmin SL-30/GNC-255) and 3-D terrain for use worldwide. The wide viewing angles, brilliant colour and direct sunlight readability of the display will give you a new dimension in EFIS instrumentation. Proven, state of the art technology and components will provide you with comfortable, user-friendly control. The Integra controls are fully ambidextrous and provide functions that have previously only been dreamt of - listening to your favourite music after inserting your flash drive into the front panel USB port, 3-D visualization of terrain, integrated one to three-axis autopilot, direct voice warnings into your headphones, etc.

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Control your transceiver and transponder directly from the glass cockpit screen
Watch on the glass cockpit screen the towed glider or to have visual check of the landing gear position
Glass cockpit Integra includes autopilot with many features that could be activated by activation keys Premium, Silver and Gold
Be informed about CO2 deadly gas produced by the incomplete burning of fuel. Glass Cockpit Integra will guard all the time
Connect a Glass Cockpit Integra with a variety of navigational instruments and keep navigation information directly on the screen
Highway in the sky (HITS) gives you a new dimension in navigation directly on the Glass Cockpit Integra screen
Fun for your co-pilot and passengers as playing movies or music directly on the glass cockpit Integra screen