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Control of Transceiver and Transponder directly from Glass Cockpit Integra

Control of the transceiver and transponder directly from the Integra Glass Cockpit screen offers many advantages. One of them is saving space on the dashboard, since the transceiver or transponder module can be located anywhere in the airplane. Another advantage is weight savings, because transceiver and transponder module compared to the regular one have ca 1/3 lighter weight. Furthermore, this solution also saves your money. The cost of the transceiver or transponder module is also considerably lower. Enjoy free of charge variety functions in connection with your transceiver and transponder, which brings Integra Glass Cockpit for your great flight experience.

List of supported Transceivers and Transponders:
- Becker VHF transceiver CM4201
- Becker VHF transceiver RT6201
- Becker S-Mode transponder BXP6402

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