TL-Elektronic - Makes your flying safer



TL elektronic has built up a comprehensive range of expertise derived from its aerospace activities. TL elektronic has a long track record in transforming a complex set of customer requirements into optimally functioning products.

The established technical capabilities are kept at the leading edge of international technological development by involvement in avionics programs and are increasingly applied to extra-terrestrial products.

Tl elektronic’s capabilities include:

Real Time application
  • On time measurement of physical values (aerodynamics or mechanical)
  • Dynamic Parameters Calibration&Compensation during measurement
  • On time data evaluation
Design of Embedded Hardware and Software
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Electric Schematic Design (CAD Programs)
  • Hardware&Software design
Mechanical design
  • Requirement Analysis
  • 3D and 2D Design Drawings&Modeling
  • Materials Selection (in cooperation with experts in the field)
  • Production Documentation
  • Independent Production
  • Production Cooperation (In partnership with specialized companies)
Electronics Testing
  • Multiple Independent Modern Testing Facilities
  • Self-Designed Testing Software and Hardware
  • Environmental Test Capabilities